Having a website for your business is important

by Apr 14, 2019Business

A website is more or less a storefront for any business. To succeed and best competitors, a business should have an online presence- it must be found online. As more consumers are searching the internet for information that will help them make informed purchasing decisions, it is essential for your business to have a website to cash in on the searches made by prospective consumers.

Here are some of the reasons why having a website for your business is still important in the face of the growing marketing activities on social media platforms.

Online Presence

The first reason you should still have a website for your business is to be found (discoverable) on the internet. Not less than 80% of people search the internet for information and websites offering the type of products or services they need before making a decision. When prospective customers find your website, you stand the chance of getting business if your website is engaging and persuasive enough.


Having a website for your business gives you the opportunity of telling your customers why they should trust you and have a business relationship with you. Testimonials and other information on your website will make people have trust and confidence in your business.

Around-the-clock Accessibility
You cannot have your business office doors open all the time, but your website will be accessible 24/7 365 days. Customers can visit your website and place an order or request for your service anytime even when you are in your sleep.


Having a website for your business gives you the opportunity of creating an effective marketing strategy for marketing your business online and across social media platforms. There are many marketing methods available, such as PPC, PPV, and CPC. But you can take advantage of these marketing strategies when you have a website for your business.


Sales are the primary goal of any business. Having a website for your business makes your products or services available for sale around the clock, irrespective of the customers’ locations and time zones. Unless you run out of stock or you do not have an online presence, you would be able to record sales anytime, any day.

Cost Effective

A website is much more affordable than advertising in the print and electronic media or your brick and mortar store. Apart from the cost of developing and hosting your website, you do not incur expenditure on it again it will always be there. A website is cost effective and more affordable.


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